August 11, 2013

The Other Enos Kellogg Houses

Just a quick posting on two other Enos Kellogg Houses that still exist, both in New Canaan, CT. 
This "second" Enos Kellogg House, at 296 Carter Street in New Canaan, is located just under two miles from us.  As Ponus Avenue and Carter Street were essentially one continuous roadway prior to the construction of the Merritt Parkway,  this property was literally up the street from our house.

The Carter Street property was previously owned by Enos Kellogg's father-in-law, and then passed on to Enos' brother-in-law, Abijah Fitch.  "Master Bije", as he was known, was a schoolmaster, teaching at one of New Canaan's one-room schoolhouses.

In 1819, Enos held a note on the property from Abijah, and it appears that Abijah defaulted on the note.  He did, however, continue to live in the house, probably until his death.  By 1830, Enos' daughter, Hannah, also lived in the house, along with her husband, Minot Ayres.  Master Bije, who never married, continued to reside in the house along with the Ayres family. 

Upon Enos' death in 1832, the property transferred to Hannah.  Enos also left Hannah $1200 to buy out an interest in the property held by her cousin, Matthew Kellogg.

Here is a video tour of the house from when it was for sale a few years ago.  Beautiful.

Amazingly, a "third" Enos Kellogg House is also still standing in New Canaan.  This property is at 166 White Oak Shade.  Also known as White Feather Farm, the then 17 acre property came into Enos' possession when Ezra Seymour Jr. defaulted on a mortgage note held by Enos in 1813.  It appears that Enos held a mortgage on an additional four acres, but Ezra's father bailed him out by paying off the debt on the four acres. 
It seems that Enos built the house on the property at some point between 1813 and 1830 (and more likely than not after 1820), probably as a residence for his orphaned nephew, Matthew Kellogg, whom he raised in our original recipe Enos Kellogg House.  Matthew's father was Enos' brother, Isaac Kellogg, a soldier in the Revolutionary war who served in Lt. Carter's Company in 1776.
So, there you have the two "other" Enos Kellogg Houses.  While Enos never lived in either one, he owned both at the time of his death, and likely built one of them.

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