October 28, 2013

Enos Kellogg Barn Restoration - In the Home Stretch

We're almost done!

Left to do:

Hang four doors, roof the rear of the barn, install the gable end windows, install the final layer of flooring and finish staining the structure.

Tantalizingly close.

October 16, 2013

All New Barn Restoration Photos

Just a quick photo-heavy post to update on progress on the barn.
We reached a milestone last week - the first metal going into the barn, as the framers started nailing up siding.  The timber frame is fastidiously old-fashioned, held together only by wooden pegs and sound engineering.
As of today, all sides are wrapped in the first course of rough cut siding.  This will be followed by a second exterior layer of smoother ship-lapped siding.  The roof decking (more rough cut 12" boards) is about half installed, and will be followed with cedar shingles on the front and metal roofing on the rear. 
The first layer of 1" flooring is down, and will be followed by a second layer of the same.
60" wrought iron hinges for the big doors should arrive next week.
We're in the home stretch.

Rafters Going Up

East Wall, with Siding

Sam Bracing Rafters

Racing Darkness to Install Last Rafter

Siding the Front Wall

Intruder Alert!

All Sided

East Gable and Rafters
Autumn over the Barn