Second Floor Tour

Reflecting the home’s construction as an integral lean-to saltbox, the ceiling in the second floor hallway slopes dramatically to the floor line at the back of the house.  This hall appears to have originally run the length of the house, from north to south, although it was divided circa 1910 (as indicated by the manufacture dates of the sink, tub and faucets) to create space for a bathroom.  Flooring in the hall is a modern replacement.  Currently used as a seating and play area, the hall likely served as a multi-purpose space for work and sleep in the 18th century.  The early 20th century bathroom remains in use, and original wide plank oak flooring has been re-exposed in this area.

From the hall, there are doorways leading into two bed chambers on either side of the massive chimney stack.  Evidence in the remaining wall paneling and nail marks on the floor and ceiling beams indicate that a smaller chamber was originally located between and connecting to these rooms. This space, however, has since been incorporated into the room nearest the staircase, and into small closets opening off of each bed chamber.

South Chamber
The less formal of the chambers (South Chamber), located directly at the top of the stairs, has vertically installed, single board, beaded wood interior dividing walls.  The exterior walls are plaster-skimmed drywall, which replaced collapsing plaster and lath walls in 2001.  The flooring, wide plank oak attached with wrought nails, may be original.  Beaded flat case moldings surrounding the door from the hallway into the chamber are attached with wrought nails, and appear to be original.  Although much of the casing has since been removed, there is clear nail pattern evidence that all beams and posts in the South Chamber were encased in wood. 

South Chamber - Behind the Scenes - 2001

North Chamber

North Chamber during Restoration - 2001
The more formal bed chamber (North Chamber), located farthest from the staircase, contains a fireplace with brick hearth and raised panel surround.  Like the South Chamber, this room has vertically installed, single board, wood interior dividing walls and plaster-skimmed drywall exterior walls installed in 2001.  The flooring in this room is uniform width pine, attached with wrought nails.  It is unclear if this is original to the house or not.  The beams and posts surrounding the fireplace wall are cased in original beaded wood casings.  The two posts on the opposite wall are plaster covered, as in the North Room on the first floor.  As in the South Chamber, beaded flat case moldings surrounding the door from the hallway into the North Chamber are attached with wrought nails, and appear to be original.