January 20, 2016

National Register Quick FAQ

Since I haven't taken the time to post anything in months, I thought that I would post this good, brief synopsis on the National Register of Historic Places from Yankee Magazine.

Having gone through the nomination process for the Enos Kellogg Homestead a few years ago, I can confirm that that it can be done by a sufficiently-motivated (or cheap) homeowner.  That said, it sure helps to have access to a knowledgeable professional for advice on navigating the ins and outs of the process.  Thanks, to my friend Tod Bryant at Heritage Resources for patiently answering all of my questions and lending general support throughout the year-long process.

Not only might a slot on the National Register lend some degree of protection to our nation's historical architectural resources, but I guarantee that you will learn at least a little bit of new information when you undertake the nomination process.  If nothing else, putting everything that you know down on paper and answering questions from the review board helps to connect dots, introduce new avenues to explore, and generate some expert-provided context for your property.