October 31, 2011

Snow Miser vs. the Great Pumpkin

We carved some great jack-o-lanterns this year - one for each family member and a joint entry for our cats.  Feel free to vote for your favorite.  Sadly, as usual, there were no trick-or-treaters to admire our pagan handicraft.  For some strange reason, even the most maniacal candy-seekers seem to be turned off by dark, dead-end streets with cemeteries and old houses on them.  Go figure. 

In any event, more candy for us.   Mmmmm.  Twix.

To top it all off, Saturday's snowstorm brought down so many branches and power lines that all of the towns in the area decided to "postpone" Halloween until Saturday.  I thought that only the Grinch was sufficiently deranged to believe that he held such sway over the holidays, but apparently the Snow Miser and his local politician minions have similar delusions of grandeur.  I think that there might be the makings of a claymation holiday special somewhere in all of this meterological madness. 

Thanks, G.P.
Luckily, our premature snowification didn't take too large a toll on the property - we lost a huge branch from an elm tree and a few boxwoods that were already looking pretty raggedy, but otherwise we are in good shape.  We even managed to keep our power.  Sincere thanks to the Great Pumpkin, who must have recognized us as the most sincere pumpkin patch in the area and staved off any real damage.

Happy Halloween!
October 30?!


  1. I vote for the pumpkin on the far left. It's clearly the best pumpkin EVER.

  2. Funny, I think that one is the worst one ever. Clearly carved by a rank amateur.


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