October 05, 2011

A Cavalcade of Pictures!

Better late than never.  I am backfilling photos on my last few posts, which were tragically short on anything other than text.  So, even if no one is reading this blog, at least we will have a visual record of what we have done on the house over the past ten years.  This batch covers the recently completed work in the living room, entry hall and den.  I am throwing in a few pictures of reproduction lighting fixtures that we have installed over the past ten years for good measure.

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Living Room and Entry Hall

Living Room

Restored Board-and-Batten Door to Entry Hall

19th Century Corner Cupboard

Hydrangeas from Jenny's Garden

Living Room, with 18th Century Ladderback Chair from Stratford, CT Area

Newly Restored Entry Hall

Wood Lantern, Converted to Sconce

All Lit Up

Entry Hall Peg Rack with Carved Wooden Hooks

Newly Painted Fron Door with Original Hardware

Iron Strap Hinges

18th Century Door - Original to House

Early October Fire

George Washington Andirons

Original Cooking Hearth


  1. I am in heaven looking at your photos:)

  2. Haha, I like it so i'm gonna put a comment on it! Just came across the blog and like what i see so far, love old houses, i'm restoring an 1803 colonial cottage in winsted, ct. all by my lonesome. acolonialcottage.blogspot.com ...I like it so i'm gonna put a restoration on it! Not a beautiful old saltbox like yours but it'll be nice when i'm done. On a nice flat lot in the woods within walking distance of highland lake, i love it. Take care & thanks for sharing your old house with us.

    1. Thanks, Jason! Much appreciated. Your project sounds great - good luck with it.


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