December 11, 2013

A Star is Barn

Interesting day today at the Enos Kellogg Homestead.  A TV production crew is in the barn filming a development pilot for a show tentatively titled Seance.  This is a reality show that brings psychic mediums (media?) in to give readings on groups of people.
The production crew thought that a barn would provide the right atmosphere, and a friend of a friend sent them our way.  After a full day yesterday setting up lights and decor, they are busily filming the episode today.  Which means three mediums, the people being "read", and the entire production crew are running around the property today.  Interesting to watch what goes into a reality show firsthand, but it will be nice to get the property back to ourselves tomorrow.

Since this pilot is something that will be used to shop around the show to networks, I doubt that it will ever see the light of day (even if the show is picked up by a network), but on the off chance that you think you recognize our barn when flipping channels in the future, you just might be right!


  1. After the immense amount of work you've put into the barn over the past year, it'll be nice if projects like this can help pay back what must have been a sizable price tag. Congratulations, it's truly beautiful.

    1. Thanks! Every little bit helps, that's for sure. Maybe we should market the barn for weddings and bar mitzvahs?

  2. Looks so beautiful and a mutual friend has put me in touch with you. would it be possible to meet up/know of address as we are having a celebration and it could be perfect! Brooke

  3. Hi Brooke. We really don't hold events in the barn - its just part of the property where we live in Norwalk, but if you email me what you are planning, I'm happy to listen.


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